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More than a number, more like family

My involvement with the Smoller Insurance Agency goes back to 1983 when I bought my first car. Since then, having married and with kids, we have purchased several condos, houses, cars and jewelry. What obviously goes along with these is insurance.

Whether it was auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, or disability insurance, there has always been one thing in common—the Smoller family personalized service. Cy, Mark and now Billy, have always made the experience enjoyable. It is in the genes. What I am referring to is personality. At Smoller Insurance, it’s like the television show Cheers. You know, “where everyone knows your name”. Here we have never felt like just a number or an account, but a client who is truly put first and handled with extreme care.

The prompt response, detail in answering questions, and providing proper guidance has enabled my family to know that we are well taken care of. Of course we have had accidents and home disasters so unfortunately I can attest to how efficient they have been in responding to our needs and making the claims process easy and painless.

Insurance is something that requires one to place a great deal of trust in the provider. I have always had the confidence that the Smoller Insurance Agency can provide me and my family with the coverage necessary to make us feel secure. I’ve never felt I was “doing business” with the Smollers. It has always been a relationship. My kids now call Billy for their insurance needs…but I still get the bill……just like when my father started me out with Cy and Mark.


Always there….

I must admit, I’ve never really given much thought as to who I did my auto insurance business through.  For the longest time, it was simply something I knew I had to have, so I purchased it.  That is, until I realized that having car insurance is so much more than the coverage; it’s who you interact with.  I feel lucky that I chose Smoller Insurance Agency, and in particular, working with Billy.  When I moved, I could contact Billy at literally any time, day or night, for help on figuring everything out.  When I bought a new car, I didn’t have to worry one way or the other on how to have all of that stuff figured out that I don’t really understand.  My car was recently broken into and after calling the police, the first person I called was Billy, at 7:30 in the morning, knowing that there would be a caring voice on the other end.  Moreover, I knew I would be talking to someone who would help guide me through exactly what  I needed to do.  I could not be more happy with my decision to work with Smoller Insurance Agecy, and I highly recommend them if you are looking for someone who will care about you and all of your insurance needs.


Safe from catastrophe…

I hardly ever paid any attention to my insurance policy.  With a family to take care of and running a successful clothing business, I just didn’t have the time for it.  When I met Billy, he offered to take a look at my business owners’ policy to see if I was properly insured.  What he came back with was startling; my policy only covered a fraction of my inventory.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I had him continue to go over my policy with me.  I now insure my business, my cars, and my home with Smoller Insurance and I couldn’t be happier.    I appreciate everything that Billy and Mark have done for me and would be lost without them.

-Tess and Carlos

The guide I needed….

Insurance was something that my parents had taken care of all my life.  When I moved out on my own I needed both renters and car insurance.  Having no idea what to do I reached out to Smoller Insurance to help me get the best policy without breaking the bank.  The process was so easy and what impressed me the most was how quickly they got back to me.  I know that if I never needed anything related to my auto or renters policies I can always get a hold of them and receive a quick response.


Service.  Service.  Service.

I could have purchased insurance anywhere but service is another matter.  I decided to go with Smoller Insurance because it gave me one of the best insurance carriers (Commerce) in the industry combined with service that is second to none. I am confident that any insurance issue I have with my house, 2 cars, or motorcycle will be professionally and swiftly resolved.  So confident am I, that I have referred everyone I know to Smoller Insurance. Switching from my previous carrier was the easiest thing I ever did since Mark did all the work. Thanks Mark and Bill. You are a great team I look forward to working with you both for many years.


Save money, gain service

Billy Smoller has gone above and beyond for me. I thought that I was being well covered with a previous insurance company, but after Billy spoke in terms that I could understand, I realized I was FAR from covered. Since I have been with Smoller Insurance Agency, I have saved a considerable amount of money and gained a considerable amount of coverage. I am confident that I’m getting the most personalized, professional, honest service in the world of insurance. I never expected a phone call from my insurance agent, just to say “I think I can save you money” – who could ask for better service!? I highly recommend Billy Smoller and Smoller Insurance Agency to anyone looking to save money and gain excellent service!


From one family to another…

When you’re a parent and your kids are driving, it is such comfort knowing that both Mark and Billy are there watching over them too!! Making sure the right coverage is provided as well being there for those first “bumps”, Smoller Insurance goes over and beyond with their personalized, professional service. What’s the greatest is that our kids are comfortable calling and asking their own questions! Our family highly recommends Smoller Insurance for quality responses with a smile and the comment..”Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it”

-Ellen and Phil and the “crew”

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